Chris Shattuck

Chris Shattuck is an experienced trainer, speaker and Drupal developer. He has recorded over 500 focused Drupal video tutorials on Build a, has developed and designed numerous Drupal sites, and has contributed several interesting, somewhat obscure modules like Navigate and Evernote.
Build a, which Chris is working on full time now, provides video-based training for all levels of Drupal experience, from those just learning about Drupal to hard-core developers digging deep into Drupal's APIs. The videos are being used by both major institutions around the world as well as independent developers and site builders. In 2011, the first ever Drupal video-based mentored training took place at BADCamp, and the results will likely change the face of Drupal training and learning from this point forward (read here for more info).
For those of you somewhere on the Drupal learning curve, take a look at over 100 free videos on Build a and see if it can help you accelerate your learning process.

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  • Trainer, Developer, Site builder, Interaction designer
  • United States

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