Elizabeth Raley

Elizabeth Raley is a Project Manager and Certified ScrumMaster at CivicActions and brings Agile and Scrum expertise with her experience. Her most recent work are launched websites for SACNAS and Bay Area Video Coalition.

Elizabeth has been a Project Manager since 2005, and has experience with a broad range of PM expertise. In the past she has worked as Director of Project Management, running a team of PM and QA professionals. Her specialties include: Scrum process, Business Development, Strategy Planning, and Portfolio Management.

Elizabeth Raley loves working with Clients and Engineers on websites and she thrives in the team environment that the Agile process supports. She is constantly energized to use her skill sets to bring people together to improve processes, exceed expectations, and enhance communication through interactive media.

Originally from metro Detroit, Elizabeth completed her BFA with a concentration in photography. While living in L.A. for five years, Elizabeth became a raw food enthusiast and a full-time Vegan. She is very interested in how food can transform health and she’s an advocate for both the proper treatment of animals and for sustainable living through planned resource and food consumption.

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