Fredric Mitchell

Fredric has many years of experience in the IT field, including as a consultant in healthcare IT and as an Interaction Designer. Since the days of the Tandy 3000, tinkering has always been a passion, and before joining Treehouse Agency, he dabbled in various aspects of the web through numerous freelance ventures.

He ultimately fell in love with Drupal as a member of and continued to pursue more knowledge within the framework by starting and cultivating the budding Drupal community at the University of Chicago. Clean code is akin to clean design and he ultimately believes this fosters great user experiences for any application, no matter how small.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and tried to coin the term 'spinologist' while DJ'ing tons of parties, but nothing stuck.

In his non-working hours, Fredric enjoys vicariously reliving the days of Thundercats and Voltron through his wife, Kimberly, son, Gregory, daughter, Kathleen, and dog, Drupy.

Yes, he named his dog after the Drupal project.

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