João Ventura

I define myself as a Ground Segment Software Engineer, with some experience in web development. I started in Avionics projects in a company initially called RTSN, then Skysoft and now GMV Portugal. After a brief stint to finish my Master's course in real-time systems, I found a project that I liked so much that I decided to move to Germany to work on it. The experience was very rewarding, but unfortunately it was very brief.

Moving back to Portugal, I joined an exciting company, Critical Software, where I dedicated myself to space projects and eventually became a fixed-term contractor for the European Space Agency, in Darmstadt (Germany again). The experience gained there enabled me to start a new job for GMV in Spain, designing and implementing the satellite control system for some of the world's major players in the telecom satellite industry.

For personal reasons, I decided to return to Portugal three years later, where I first started as a professional Drupal developer, after working on it as an hobby, first as a Freelancer and then working for Trellon, where I got the chance to help make the world a better place while working with an amazing team.

However, after one year, I got an offer that I just couldn't refuse to go back to "space", working as an AIV engineer in the Galileo Control Center in Oberpfaffenhofen (near Munich) in Germany (again...). A skiing accident later, I moved back to Darmstadt to work again in ESOC, where I am working again as a Software Developer for a Belgian company called Rhea Systems.

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