Lisa Rex

Lisa (lisarex) is heavily involved with usability, information architecture, content strategy, documentation and Drupal site building. She has been a web professional since 1999, working as a designer, site builder, writer and QA/product analyst for dynamic, content-rich sites in Silicon Valley, England, Boston and New York.

Until recently, Lisa was a partner at Growing Venture Solutions, working on client projects, as well as internal projects such as COD, the Conference Organizing Distribution and Mastering Drupal.

Her primary contributions to the Drupal community include maintaining About pages, community pages and Documentation. Lisa was also one of the project managers for the redesign, which involved managing 100+ volunteers, contractors and thousands of community stakeholders. Past contributions include revising and reviewing patches for Drupal 7 UI text and help pages; and volunteering as an assistant organizer for Drupal DesignCamp Boston 2009 and 2010 (D4D).

She has presented at DrupalCamp Montreal, Drupal Design Camp Boston, and DrupalCon Copenhagen and DrupalCon Chicago.

Lisa is Certified to Rock Level 5.

Lisa's other interests include travel, baking, history, genealogy and playing outside. You can find her on LinkedIn and as @lisarex on Twitter.

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