Michelle Cox

After graduating with a BS in CS, I worked in desktop programming using Visual FoxPro for some years before being laid off at the end of 2003. Soon after, I became an at-home mom and programming joined photography and videography as a hobby instead of profession. I found Drupal in 2005 and since then have built several sites for free for myself and for local clubs and charities. As an offshoot of one of my sites, I developed the Advanced Forum, Advanced Profile Kit, and Author Pane modules. Currently, I am focused on a ground-up Drupal forum module named Artesian.

I dabbled with freelancing for a while in 2007/8 but found it too stressful to do while raising young children. So, for now, my Drupal time is spent as a volunteer. In September of 2012, however, my youngest starts kindergarten and I will begin looking for opportunities. If you have any long range forum plans that involve hiring, I'd love to hear from you. :)

  • Mom
  • Michelle
  • Twitter.com/michellecox
  • site builder, developer
  • United States

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